• Mission & Vision

    We create HEALING, CONNECTION & SOCIAL INNOVATION one art at a time.


    A World where everyone says "I AM ME" unapologetically and celebrates their life.

  • Core Values

    Love, Joy, Authenticity, Vulnerability, Openness, Generosity, Courage,


    We are leaders of TODAY.

  • What We dO

    We believe in the power of ART



    Art as a HEALING TOOL


    By focusing on a different theme every month, we support artists in exploring different aspect of their life.



    Mindfulness, Workshops





    Through our events, we offer space for artists to collaborate and build meaningful relationships.



    Showcase, Open Mic





    10% of our door sales from each event go to a Cause of the Month, suggested by our community members.



    Conversation, Giveback

  • Who We Are

    We are thriving artists. We stand for our art.


    Artivist, Singer, Pianist, Photographer, Yoga Instructor, Social Entrepreneur, Community Builder,


    Yuko is a Japanese native from Aomori. Lived in Tokyo, LA and now based in NYC. She uses art to connect with people. Her mission is to empower and educate artists and creatives to break free and become thriving artists and give back to the community.


    Editor in Chief

    Spoken- Word Artists, Writer, Lyricist, Actor, Creative


    Brando is a creative who uses his voice and vision through performance, writing, and fine arts to make sense of the world through our shared experiences. His work explores legacy, triumph, power, and all the demons we hide away in our daily lives.



    Angel Castillo

    Spoken-Word Artist, Poet, Author,

    Dope AF..


    As an artist I work hard to develop pieces of writing that speak both to me and others about our modern day issues of homophobia, police brutality, absent parents, alcoholism, love, broken love, etc. through the power of vulnerability, acceptance, possibility, trust, and God. With every finished work, I breathe as much life as I possibly can into them so that I can bring my art to its purest form. I intend to inspire others by remaining an open book, because through my vulnerability I create a safe space for others to relate to.

    Sammi Price

    Spoken-Word Artist, Poet, Author, Makeup Artist, Activist


    Sammi bases all projects with the question in mind- How can we better the world? An avid traveler, Sammi is an Australian born, small-town Wisconsin raised, turned NYC native who shares her creativity and comedy in an ongoing effort to bring awareness to Human Rights and collaborate with others who support the important mission. Sammi is always excited to collaborate and is a proud member of “I Am”.

    Shino Frances

    Singer, Actor, Producer, Vocal Coach..



    Shino is a Biracial, Bicultural, Bilingual Musical Theatre Actress and Producer. Originally a native of Japan and Connecticut, she is a self-proclaimed New Yorker ever since she fell in love with the city some umpteen years ago. Shino finds joy in bringing characters and stories to life. Her favorite place to be is in the spotlight (literally) and additionally enjoys any position that gives her a front row seat to creating and witnessing shifts in a room, team, community and the world. “I’ve always seen art as a tool. Well actually, EVERYthing is a tool and I am the master. I believe each and every one of us are. “I am” Series gets that.” -SF

  • Upcoming Events

    We create healing, community, and social innovation one art at a time.

    "I AM" Series "PRIDE"

    Monthly gathering for Artists with a social mission.

    May's theme is "PRIDE". In honor of Pride month, let's talk about this. What does PRIDE mean to you?What are you Proud of?


    6/21 Friday Door Opens 8:30pm

    Bar Thalia

    2537 Broadway NY, NY

    $10 10% of door sales will be donated to a cause of the month.

    This month is "Ackerman Institute for the Family"



    Let's talk about your art, vision, life and more...

    There's a circle for healing, POC, Women this one is for ARTIST.


    6/25 7-9pm

    Location Available with RSVP



    This is for you if you

    • create to share a story
    • create to make a world a better place
    • create to shine more healing in this world
    • create to connect people or community
    • create, because you know that's what you're called to do.
  • Testimonials

    Let's hear what people say about us.

    Christina - Actress

    My husband Gui and I got to be apart of “I am CHOICE” and we were so honored to share the stage with some beautiful humans who also shared their heart, soul, and vulnerability. What "I AM" Series has done to bring people together and share their stories is so special and we were so honored to be apart of it. Every show has something unique and always full of surprises. I love this movement and can’t wait for more! Thank you to all have shared themselves, thank you for all who support, and especially thanks to Yuko for creating this space and making it happen!


    I am grateful for courage, for love and for this group of friends/family. And thankful for those that were there in spirit who send me love.


    It is a way of releasing whatever I was feeling inside of me. Where other people can identify with this. This is just not a show. I can just show up and express myself whatever that looks like to me. Give audience the same opportunity to do the same. You just get to be just you and share your voice, whatever that talent is to you.

    Nina - Author

    “I learned about “I AM” series through Brando because of meeting him at an open mic. He posted about the featured artists so I reached out. "I AM" series is warm, kind, and welcoming. People from all walks of life attended, everyone was treated with the same respect and welcome, we laughed and it was an amazing night. All forms of talent showed up from comedy to singing to rapping and of course poetry. I felt completely at home and plan to do them every month from now on.”

    Yaniza - Singer

    I absolutely loved being a featured artist at “I AM” Series. Everyone involved was incredibly supportive, helpful, and sweet! I’m especially proud of the fact that this event donated to charity, which I think I so important. An event that gives many artists/performances of all different styles a chance to shine while giving back to the community AND the artists is a rarity. Shout out to Yuko & Brando for a lovely evening! Thank you for welcoming me and my song babies :)

  • FAQ

    How do I become a featured artist?

    We take submissions. We are looking for an artists who are on a mission. To share their voice, to create healing, to create shift in this society. We are looking for leaders!

    How do I sign up for Open Mic?

    The Sign up for "I AM" Series Open mic portion usually opens at the door, the day of the event. We DO NOT have pre-sign up at this moment.

    What type of workshop do you do?

    Our workshops are to educate and empower artists in our community. Mindfulness, Enterprenuership, Community building, etc. If you are interested in offering your experties to our community, contact us!

    Can you support our mission?

    Of course! If you have a cause or an organizations that you would like us to support, send us email and tell us why that matters to you.

  • Connect With Us

    We are all about collaborating. We don't do anything alone. Connect with us!